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Argh! Version numbers, people!
So, I spent much of the week poring over a document that I had only just been sent and was assured it was the latest version. Now I discover it was significantly out of date.

Both have the same filename.
Both have the same "Last Saved" date on the cover page. (Because the author didn't use a field.)
But I got the one missing the useful info.

I really wish we had some form of version control system and repository here, but failing that, can't we all please increment a number in the filename before sharing it with others?

EDIT: Looking closer, it seems he did send me the latest version, but I somehow still printed the old copy. Grr. Maybe I would have picked up on that mistake if there were version numbers!
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Ugh. Yesterday, Telstra Wholesale guys came to have a chat with us about a new product theyre flogging - its basically the same as yr guys "midband" thing but.. well, theirs. Pricier, but maybe at more exchanges, I dont know who cares at this point not me. But oh god every time we asked a question the guy replied with powerpoint slides that made me want to burst out laughing - they meant NOTHING. And a barrage of corpspeak that made me want to shout BINGO! But I held my counsel. It reminded me of the old days. I havent had such a Dilbert moment in a while.

... heh sorry thought you may find it amusing.

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