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CTTS: Nuki Nuki (Nookie?)
The kids were playing around on YouTube today, and all of a sudden I heard this vibrant pop song playing (of the same ilk as the Crazy Frog), with the lyrics "nookie, nookie, nookie – how I love my nookie".

It turns out it was a bit lost in translation: when I got to the computer, I saw that it was a bunch of gummy bears singing "Nuki Nuki". Apparently "nuki" is a term for a baby's dummy.

"Nuki, nuki, nuki – sweeter than a cookie; I'll share it if you are my friend."

I say: "I love it! I don't know if it's so wrong, or so right!"

Jesara thinks for a moment, then exclaimes, "so wrong: a gummybear with a dummy?"

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That does put a new spin on Limp Bizkit

I did it all for the nookie, the nookie
So you can take that cookie
And stick it up your ass!

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