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Conroy Filter putting us up there with the best countries on earth
We're in good company:

(From Wikipedia's series of articles on Internet censorship.)

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Although I have reservations about much content on the Internet the phrase "one man's meat is another man's poison" comes to mind.

In terms of practicalities I can enter just one short term into google and it will display over 8 million results relating to RC (Refused Classification) content in Australia.

Under the 1984 Act (NSW) which purportedly banned "X" rated movies (without mentioning the rating at all as it wasn't recognised in New South Wales legilsation ) an "X" rated movie being considered "unrated" had to be sent to the OFLC to be rated despite the fact it had already been rated by an agency of the Federal Government.

The OFLC no doubt replied "this unclassified movie is rated "X"" which meant under the legislation there was no criminal penalty for selling it (unlike material subsequently rated G PG M or R.

"Refused Classification" under that Act meant that the OFLC couldn't rate a movie on the basis there was nothing in the code which would enable them to do so.

The ultimate penalty for selling an unclassified movie was imprisonment BUT this required a hearing before the Supreme Court !

You can check out the "latest" by entering #nocleanfeed in a Twitter search.

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