Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Where are my fonts! PDF woes

Argh! What's going on? I wrote a letter in OpenOffice and saved a PDF copy – different fonts. So I read the help and learnt to turn on this option:

Converts to the PDF/A-1 format. This is defined as an electronic document file format for long term preservation. All fonts that were used in the source document will be embedded into the generated PDF file. PDF tags will be written."

Still not displaying with my chosen fonts. WTF?

I think it's changing it to Helvetica. It's like it's refusing to use non-standard fonts. If I make some text Times New Roman, that makes it into the PDF okay.

EDIT: Sounds like OOo has a known bug with using OpenType fonts in PDFs. Grr.
Tags: design, gripe, tech, typography, usability

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