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Communication breakdown
I just received a meeting invite for a walkthrough that I'll apparently be running for a project that I'll apparently be looking after until the current BA (her contract was not renewed) is replaced.

Good fun. Although I'll admit that they'd get a more effectively hand-over by, you know, telling me...

Apparently I'm already reviewing the requirements and wireframes ready to dive right in. At least now I know!

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That used to happen to me a bit at N3wsat. I'd happily tell people "next time please give me some warning - ANY warning - and dont just dump it on me unannounced".

...yeah, I wasn't very popular with the management at that job. Uppity female telling them what for.

Any BA I know?

You could always decline the meeting invite ... and get the PM or whoever to tell you ... quote "what the @#$%ing #@$# is going on?" ... but then I was always the vulgar one.

Robyn Elliott has been sent packing, on the basis that she's too expensive.

My manager is vastly overcommitted and therefore ineffective at everything. And that include things like talking to us and explaining what's happening. He backpeddled and called me, though, after Robyn and the PM pointed out that I was surprised to hear about it.

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