Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

VeriSign Sues ICANN Over SiteFinder

How's this for headline? "VeriSign Sues ICANN Over SiteFinder."

After many complaints, ICANN orderd VeriSign to shut down it's Site Finder service. Now VeriSign is sick of waiting for ICANN to investigate whether it can be restored, so has decided to sue them... Smart.

Adam Creed's "The Update" newsletter finished the story with:

What makes this development all the more remarkable is that VeriSign is operating .com and .net under contract from ICANN. There is the question of whether this contract has been breached by the company's attempts to extract more money out of a contract whose core is responsible management of the .com and .net servers.

In other news, VeriSign was named top Net villain by the UK Internet industry for the behaviour that led to all this trouble. VeriSign beat stiff competition from the Recording Industry Association of America and the UK Home Office to win the prestigious accolade.

The sad thing is that they could be successful and be allowed to break the DNS again.

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