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Email quota vs. attachments (reprise)
Several times a week I have to shift email around because I can't send anything else. 100 Mb is just too small.

And yet, it shouldn't be. The only reason 100 Mb is too small is that people are so fond of sending attachments. We have to do it because of the restrictive document repositories, but some people go beyond what's necessary and make an art of sending gratuitous attachments.

"The only issues I have with the attached documents is the below."

I was the one who sent you the attachments! I don't need to receive an unaltered copy in your reply email! Another 700 Kb down the drain.
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What always puzzled me is why Outlook doesn't have a "delete attachments" feature. It'd solve much of the problem!

I think it does. If I open the message (this function doesn't seem to be available in preview mode), a right-click on the attachment shows a Remove option.

But I don't want to remove attachments. I'm a hoarder and want to keep my email as it comes in. I just don't want the repeated attachments to come in in the first place!

My name is Lia. I am writing to you, because I have found among your interests "pm wiki". I use this program for my site, but I know nobody who does the same. Do you do it also?
If so could I please ask you for advise?
Thank you.

Hi Lia: I don't do anything particularly special with PmWiki. For advice, the best place to look is the PmWiki mailing list.

Thank you very much!
That is a really great advise.
I didn't knew about mailing list.

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