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Other gender – please specify
Seen on a survey:

Too many surveys assume male/female only. Love it. :-)

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While I always applaud the effort, I often get a bit annoyed by the implementation of such questions. It seems that, if trans, you often can't actually identify as either male or female under such schemes. I'd prefer two questions:

1) Male / Female / Other
2) Do you identify as trans or intersex?

That way I can identify as female and trans, without having to be seen as specifically different from other females.

A very good point. So perhaps a simple M/F is sufficient in most circumstances, but trans/intersex identity a related question that could be asked if relevant.

Maybe I should give them your feedback on their survey question. :-)

In their case, it was relevant to ask the trans/intersex question, so it's not just an attempt to be inclusive.

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