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Ads can go either way: God and Eternity
A little ad on a website says: "Find Out how to spend eternity with GOD"

Its placement and design suggest that they clearly think this is a desirable goal that people will want to look into.

But personally, it just freaks me out, man! I'm sure God's pretty awesome and all, what with the omni-this and omni-that, but the idea of eternity just does my head in. How on earth is that desirable? Why are so many people so afraid of not existing that they need to exist for eternity?

My idea of the ideal salvation is getting to heaven, meeting God, who says "you did okay at life, thanks for playing", then shaking his/her/its hand before heading off to the grave. I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around in heaven or hell for eternity.

BTW, WTF is the term "God fearing" all about? I know it largely means to revere God, but the word fear just makes me think it's about... well, fear. How about "awe of God" or something a tad more positive than "fear"?

"I'm gonna go over there, give him a piece of my mind, and put the awe of god into him." Hmmm...

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You can't be damned and sit around in heaven even if you believe it's possible. If you are damned it's "go straight to hell and do not pass go ! "

You pose an interesting philsophical point which I have debated on and off since signing up for Bulletin Board use some time ago now.

Here's a question for you.

You have the choice of eternity with God or being reincarnated as a blob on planet Glob. The planet Glob doesn't have a sun so your 43 billion years on the planet will be in freezing conditions...and blobs on Glob are known to be averse to freezing conditions. On top of that they suffer constant backache, toothache and bleeding lymph nodes that their witch doctors haven't been able to cure.

Would you prefer a harp ?

God is good (much like Guinness)

That's a crap choice. Just because I'd choose God in your hypothetical scenario (I never said God was bad), that doesn't mean I want to spend eternity anywhere. Eternity's way too long. And what does God need people to keep existing for anyway?

From readersdigestau on twitter



"Most respondents to our latest global survey are satisfied with their limited shelf life on earth. Not even younger people consistently choose immortality. In fact, more than 50% of those 45 and under in seven countries say they don’t want to live forever."

Interesting results. Of course, there's a bit of a difference between eternity on Earth and eternity in heaven, but it's interesting to see how preferences vary by country.

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