Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Poor Josh: Martians and girls


I played The War Of The Worlds for the kids this morning. (Specifically Jeff Wayne's musical version thereof.) Josh in particular got engaged by the music and the story. Taking in all the narration was a bit much, but I explained what was happening and showed him the illustrations that came with the album. I'm counting on Josh continuing to take an interest in music.

Only problem? "That music makes me feel like Martians are coming." Hopefully no nightmares tonight. We played "happy music" afterwards.


We later went to the playground and the kids saw Jack (from Jesara's school) and Lily (from Josh's kindy). They are possibly siblings; at least, they were playing with each other.

Josh kept calling to her and trying to play with her, but it's like he wasn't there; she was too busy doing her own thing. And then, since Jack was playing with Jesara, Josh lamented that Jesara wouldn't play with him either. Poor boy.

An insight into a child's notion of the concept of "friends": Josh spoke about two kids at kindy, starting with the line "I only have two naughty friends at kindy...", then proceeding to describe what sounded like mild bullying. It didn't seem bad enough to be a concern, but I thought it interesting that everyone at kindy appears to be a friend no matter how they behave.

James was older than Josh and had nightmares from The War Of The Worlds...
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