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Apple Order History
The status on my order for the photo book is "Printing".

That's a shit status, as it's said that for a few days, and it doesn't take a few days to print a book. There should be a "Queued for Printing" status that they use before it hits the printers.

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Perhaps it's a colour dot matrix and they have to do each colour separately, then go over it three times to make it dark enough, and allow drying time in between. That could take a few days......

Holy fuck, all of a sudden my vivid photo book is a low-res dot matrix print with sprocket holes down the side of the tractor paper...

big W online do photo books as well , not sure what the turn around is like but i imagine being local it be pretty quick. they have a special on at the moment as well

Thanks, I shall keep that in mind for the future. As for the iPhoto version, it has now shipped, and I look forward to seeing how long it takes. If I'm lucky it will get a weekend flight.

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