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Jesara: Seven Up
A follow-up to my earlier post about printing a book or poster for Jesara's 7th birthday:

After 1 day fiddling in iPhoto, $44 and a 26Mb upload, my order for a softcover Letter-sized 32-page book is now with Apple for processing. They claim 3-4 day turnaround, which is nice, but then I have to wait for it to arrive in Australia, so it might not actually arrive for her birthday.

I've saved a PDF version and will keep notes on the configuration (fonts, theme, etc.) as a reference point for future books. The next few would be:

- Nov/2009: Deborah – 21 Up
- Sep/2011: Joshus – Seven Up
- May/2016: Jesara – 7 Plus Seven

Now I just have to put something online as a landing point for the URL I included on the back cover (http://jones.id.au/link/jesara-7up). I used my redirection setup to try and make it future proof.

Now just to hope there are now typos or factual errors. Sometimes proof-reading 10 times is still not enough.