Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

He remembered me!

A few LJ posters have made comments recently like "I feel like I'm being left out of things". I get this feeling too sometimes, such as when hearing that two couples we know are going to Tasmania; the original intention was for the whole group of us to go.

Family friends. You know what I mean - there are your own friends and there are family friends that you know through your parents, but still like all the same. Two family friends I very much like are Margaret and Graeme (Margaret is my step mother's best friend, Graeme is her husband). I haven't seen them for some time, as I now have my own family and aren't around to go on day trips with my parents.

I have been saying for some time that I would like to see Margaret and Graeme again. "Let me know when you go to visit and I'll come along." I have even been told that they would be happy to see me. However, I keep hearing "we saw Margaret and Graeme on the weekend"...

Now I've been invited to have lunch with Dad and Graeme on Friday (sorry dechardonay and Mark). Hopefully we'll be going somewhere BYO, as I have been holding a bottle of "Graeme's Blend" wine for a couple of years waiting for this occasion.

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