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Mixtape survey
Which of these would you prefer, if receiving a mixtape containing originals and covers?

1. One CD/playlist with the covers and another with the original songs.
2. Alternating songs so that each original is followed by its cover, or vice versa.

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The former, I think, otherwise it could get a little repetitive.

4AD did this with a box set release of the This Mortal Coil albums: as many of the songs that project did were covers, the box set contained a 4th cd with many of the originals on it. Its like end note references! :)

Both prongs of attack have their merits, and I think I'd enjoy either prong, depending on mood. But if having to decide (and for a party other than myself *grin*), I'd probably go with Door Number One. Cleaner, I guess.

Yes, I'm inclined to agree. As Trayce said, it could be repetitive mixing them up.

Now just to figure out which should come first. Probably the covers, methinks.

Well, do keep in mind the human predilection for latching onto the first time we hear a piece of music as some sort of "baseline". I.e., we tend to prefer the first version of a song that we hear. This is only a generalisation, of course, so there are many exceptions, but it still holds true for a big slab of the time, so if these are all songs the party has never heard before, you might want to consider which version you want to up the odds of them latching onto...

Considering the goal is to look at how covers can be interesting creations in their own right that can differ greatly from the original, I'm inclined to feature the covers first. I suspect that most of the originals are known, so including them is more for the sake of reference.

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