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Photo retrospective: poster or book?
For Jesara's birthday, I want to put together a collection of photos from her life. And since she's turning 7, I might call it Seven Up. I haven't seen any of the Up Series, but I like the idea, and hope to continue making further installments each seven years.

Question: Should I make a Poster or a Book?

A book would hold more, but is more likely to be stowed away. A poster could be displayed, but might in reality end up packed away too. (Unless it's put in a frame.)

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Make a book. After 2 or 3, a series of posters is difficult to deal with, but there's always room for books in the world.

Yeah, that had occured to me, too. I've always wanted to make a poster, and might still find opportunity to do so, but a book might be best. Depending on the software and available time, I might also add in some text that I wouldn't include on a poster.

That about what I was going to say.

As an adult, I would be more inclined to keep a series of books on my shelf than a series of posters that I have to find wall space for and has to fit in with decor.

Hopefully it is something she will keep when she is an adult.

And if she doesn't keep it, I'll print a second copy and beat her over the head with it. ;-)

See... you couldn't do that as effectively with a poster even if you had rolled it up.

Yep. I guess that answers my second question – I'm going for hardcover...

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