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Outlook woes
Using Outlook: I want to find a message about the domain example.com, so I tell Outlook to look through my team's entire mailbox. Nothing. "example.com" is in the subject line, so it should work even if not doing a full text search.

The message does exist, but the Find doesn't seem to work. If I use Advanced Find, it actually searches properly. WTF is going on?!

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fwiw also, i think the actual searching algorithm is stuffed in itself, cause any two searches for the same thing turn up different results, even when searching the same mail folders. i always search twice if i don't find what i want.

stupid muffin-touting pie-serving crawling sucky sucky international monopoly daing thing.

yeh, anyone find out, was it the evil ones who served those muffins upstairs yesterday???

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