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Outlook woes
Using Outlook: I want to find a message about the domain example.com, so I tell Outlook to look through my team's entire mailbox. Nothing. "example.com" is in the subject line, so it should work even if not doing a full text search.

The message does exist, but the Find doesn't seem to work. If I use Advanced Find, it actually searches properly. WTF is going on?!

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Before I left I managed to get a compiled binary version of fetchmail to run from Nara from a couple of System Administrators (without nemaing names, one is a former Support supervisor and the other has been there longer than anyone). I might even be able to dig it out of archive if you really want to go back to using a decent MUA.

I think I may have given a copy of the binary to at least one or two people still trapped in that terrible place.

Just do neefsck a favour and forget to mention this beastie's existence. ;)

Off the record, I am using a decent MUA (for now - the pressure to move is on its way). While I like mutt very much, I am happy with Agent at this stage, so I won't be wanting fetchmail at work.

I should set it up at home, though. Would be handy to use fetchmail + mutt for mailing lists. But I keep putting it off because I have to set up sendmail (or some other MTA) first, then read through the thesis length man page for fetchmail...

You could always take the same option that the SysAdmins there have opted for: Postfix. It is dead simple to configure - so much so that I only took a couple of hours to set it up from scratch (including a cutover from sendmail) while SSH'd into my home box from the NOC. This was when I was working there, of course.

As for configuring fetchmail, most of the basic options are fairly straight forward.

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