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Outlook woes
Using Outlook: I want to find a message about the domain example.com, so I tell Outlook to look through my team's entire mailbox. Nothing. "example.com" is in the subject line, so it should work even if not doing a full text search.

The message does exist, but the Find doesn't seem to work. If I use Advanced Find, it actually searches properly. WTF is going on?!

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Now you see, if WE got training from Microsoft staff on how to use our newly installed outlook, like *parentcompany* are getting this morning, then maybe we'd have better luck with such things eh?

But noooo, "ex" connect dont get such a priveledge :/

Thats because we* aren't stupid, we can figure these things out for ourselves

* Refering to the fact that at least a quarter of staff have some kind of clue as opposed to maybe 1% ;)

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