Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Photography assignment

Although I don't have the experience, training or business initiative to be a photographer, I do enjoy photography and get excited about opportunities to take photos.

I'm reasonably happy with how my photos for Hartwell are turning out these days; I'm taking cast headshots and dress rehearsal/performance shots.

The latest adventure is to take headshots and portraits for Sally-Anne's daughters, who are on the books of a casting agent. Headshots I can do, but portraits are going to be a challenge, especially on location with no studio lighting. The other challenge will be getting them to relax to ensure natural photos. They're all pretty quiet, even if they're not all introverted.

Also exciting and daunting is the prospect of picking up other jobs from this agent: she doesn't yet have a photographer in Melbourne and has asked for pricing in case she needs to recommend someone to her Melbourne talent. Insert nervous/excited smiley here.
Tags: photography

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