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Tidbits: Radio, TV (Lawrence Leung), TV (House)


There's something special about live radio and often it's the stuff-ups that make it interesting. Like one morning this week when the Triple J studio equipment froze on Gaby Brown and the desperation in her voice increased as she filled time best she could, then called for Music Director Richard Kingsmill.

He arrived and thought he was the victim of a practical joke – for he had just written an article about a time it happened to him, years ago. No CDs working, not even an emergency tape. Eventually he got the attention of a DJ, who raced in with some vinyl – the turntable was working – and played a track called "last night a DJ saved my life". Naturally, that one seemed like a practical joke too.

Lawrence's (unintentionally)
creepy website.

TV: Lawrence

I watched the first ep of Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure today. Way funny, and I felt rather conspicuous laughing my head off on the train.

I can see how he was a comedy writer for The Chaser. His approach also reminds me of John Safran. Just as John travelled the world and admitted to a priest that he'd masturbated in the priest's bed, Lawrence sang a song for his grade 3 crush. Cringe-worthy.

And he was right about his parents: they're a funny addition to the show. I also liked his cousin, William – an "expert on childhood crushes". William turned out to be about nine with his own problems. He returned at the end of the show with one of the pick-up lines Lawrence learnt in the US:

Boy sidles up to girl.
Boy: Are you from Tennessee?
Girl: No.
Boy: Because you're the only ten I see...
Girl: I'm eight. [still not looking at him]
Boy sidles back away.

BTW: Hey ABC! Where be a vodcast/RSS feed?

TV: House

As a fan of not milking shows till they fizzle, I'd say it's probably time for House to come to an end.

But I'm still enjoying it. They manage to make it interesting and funny enough that you can get past the formula.

Now I'm sure that dis-inhibition would manifest itself a bit different to how we saw it on this week's patient, but it was an interesting concept. I liked how the cure was probably too late: he regained his ability to self-censor, but it was clear his wife was still affected by the hurtful truth of the preceding days.

Um, what am I talking about TV for? Time to go to bed...

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