Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Tidbits: 320Gb, Your Woman, Exhaustion


Upgrading the hard disk in this MacBook Pro was more daunting than expected. Big thanks to the OWC video and the iFixit PDF for instructions. But the strong adhesive holding the ribbon cable to the hard disk was unexpected. And I didn't spot the Bluetooth component they talked about.

But, it all worked. And I'm pleased to have the extra 100+ Gb of space.

Your Woman

"When you read a Wikipedia article several years too late."

Jyoti Mishra, not Jodie Mishra. Well, that would explain why the woman singing Your Woman (White Town) sounds like a man...


Sat: Excellent wine and cheese tasting at Terra Rossa with Mace, followed by lunch at Oyster; both part of the Food & Wine Festival.

Sun: Ashwood College working bee. But Shane didn't show, so I just pottered around cobwebbing, dusting and tidying.

Followed by great roast and wine and staying up too late.

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