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Gotham Shiraz - yay or nay?
The thing I love about community product reviews is that they're so reliable:

Hmm... maybe a two reviews are not enough to help make a decision after all...
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Went down to GWD earlier this week to see if they had any Hewitson Magneta Hills 2007 Shiraz left which I bought in Sep 2008 and is now drinking superbly. The girl I spoke to on the phone at GWD mentioned the Gotham. Tried a 2007 Magneta Hills 2007 Cab Sauv, then the 2008 Gotham Shiraz, Gotham Merlot and Gotham Cab Sauv.

The shiraz is superb... I've aways thought any red wine you can drink neat and enjoy is a great sign. The merlot is only a close second to the Shiraz, the Cab Sauv I'll pass on. So in the finish I bought a dozen of the Shiraz, contemplated the Merlot and will have to wait for the 2008 Magneta Hills Shiraz.

Gotham is slighly plummy smooth, it's like drinking liquid licorice if that makes any sense. It's a shiraz I plan on giving away a few bottles to friends and birthday presents

Thank you for the notes, whoever you are! (?)

I'm a big fan of the Gotham Adelaide Hills Cab Sav 2007, and less of their Coonawarra 2006. The former is more vegetative and less popular, but there's something about it I really enjoy.

The Gotham 2008 McLaren Vale Shiraz (and I think the 2007 was similar) is very rich. I can imagine more than a glass being heavy going, but I'm hoping to keep a bottle for a few years to see how well it mellows out.

I recall tasting the Megneta Hills, which I believe was bottled specfically for GWD. It didn't move me one way or the other.

Sorry to be anonymous

"Yes" back again... The Magneta Hills 2007 Shiraz was bought for an engagement party along with some French sparklies Pierre something or other from GWD last year. MH 2007 Shiraz certainly improved marketedly with 4 months cellaring.. I was blown away with the last few bottles. Smooth and much more depth than the early bottles.

Off topic slightly I think Red and fortifieds are GWD strengths. My day to day preference is NZ Sauv blancs and the other day they had 1 litre bottles down there for $9.95 each. I bought home another one and earlier some others. I still don't think you can go pass Villa Maria (about $14 @ Vintage Cellars) or indeed even the VC house brand SB.

the 2008 Gotham is now cellared... it's supposed to be big but I'd call it lucious. If wine was a women this would be Rubenesque... or something or someone you can't keep your hands or mind off.

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