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Watching the past slip away...
I'm puzzled. Facebook and Twitter are immensely popular but neither seems to have a calendar function that let's you navigate to posts from a particular date/month.

I know it's all about the here and now, and I know not everyone saves SMSs and IM chats like I do, but a system that saves messages but doesn't let you get to them? What's with that?

A long time ago I tried Twitter as a way of recording what I was doing when I couldn't be bothered with an LJ post. Fat lot of good that did. What am I going to do - click Older 20 times and hope it lets me back far enough to see what I did in Dec/2007?

Deliberate bad choices make me want to scream. (Such as those designed to create lock-in and lock-out.) But stupid bad choices make me want to rock up to each of the developers and stare at them with that speechless "huh?" expression and gesticulate with exasperation, before composing myself and launching into a condescending "what are you thinking?!" tirade.

Yes, I'm angry. I'm Dave Hughes angry. And I want some basic functionality, damn it!

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Not exactly what you want, but for your own Twitter posts you could use a Twitter to LJ gateway.

But then all my Twitter posts would be on my LJ, which I might not want. If I wanted to fill my LJ with lots of small posts, I'd just try to train myself to post directly to LJ.

Another option is to save the Twitter posts via RSS and make my own navigation capability, but that's unreliable. And Facebook doesn't do any of that open stuff like RSS. Grr.

More than anything, I want "web 2.0" software to be usable web 2.0 software.

You can pass me that rocking chair and rifle now...

(Deleted comment)
This is also somethign I hate about web2 stuff! And everyone tells me I'm being an old grandma! Well they'll laugh on the other side of thier faces when they have no record of anything they said or did for most of their life when data formats change and every photo, journal note and letter is gone to the ether.

*clutches snailmail and photos and dribbles on chin*

(Deleted comment)
I'm on me way! *leaves*

"And you're looking towards facebook or twitter for functionality?"

Not exactly. I'm looking towards Facebook for community. Yes, I hate it and I resent that their lock-out strategy works, but it was ultimately a choice between participating with theatre contacts, or being one more lone voice of protest that Mark Zuckerberg wouldn't notice or care about.

Sadly, ephemeral social networking suits me, but I still want a window to the past. Like searching the Usenet feeds Google acquired through Deja News for my early newsgroup days. :-)

That's why I keep local copies of my uploads and back them up to two hard disks, plus have some data stored on rsync.net and Amazon S3. ;-)

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