Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Watching the past slip away...

I'm puzzled. Facebook and Twitter are immensely popular but neither seems to have a calendar function that let's you navigate to posts from a particular date/month.

I know it's all about the here and now, and I know not everyone saves SMSs and IM chats like I do, but a system that saves messages but doesn't let you get to them? What's with that?

A long time ago I tried Twitter as a way of recording what I was doing when I couldn't be bothered with an LJ post. Fat lot of good that did. What am I going to do - click Older 20 times and hope it lets me back far enough to see what I did in Dec/2007?

Deliberate bad choices make me want to scream. (Such as those designed to create lock-in and lock-out.) But stupid bad choices make me want to rock up to each of the developers and stare at them with that speechless "huh?" expression and gesticulate with exasperation, before composing myself and launching into a condescending "what are you thinking?!" tirade.

Yes, I'm angry. I'm Dave Hughes angry. And I want some basic functionality, damn it!
Tags: facebook, gripe, rant, twitter, usability, web

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