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@stephenconroy: if you're not with us, you're against us

I don't find Twitter feeds particularly easy to follow, but I did enjoy this little gem from "Fake Stephen Conroy" (@stephenconroy):

For the record, I never said people who opposed the filter were pedophiles; I simply said they enjoyed sex with children.

I might have to subscribe, if only to catch more such gems. I'll leave you with a couple more:

Listening to a scheduled, real-time podcast on my "radio"


I'm not saying that I'm God for the internets, because there is only one, true God. I am more his representative; His Interpope.

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OK thats pretty funny. I'm liking the "fake slebs" part of Twitter I must admit. Apparently fake brian eno is in an argument with real Alan McGee (head of creation records). I dont know wether mcgee knows eno is fake or not.

I mentioned the "Fake Stephen Conroy" on my LiveJournal two days ago (having seen this link) and I have just discovered that the fake Senator appears to have been expunged and exterminated from twitter.


That page doesn't exist!


It was definitely down (see my entry regarding the true identity of the "Fake Stephen Conroy" where the Sydney Morning Herald stated it had been "wiped" )

... current tweet...

leslienassar@me.com -- later folks
about 3 hours ago from Tweetie


The staffer has now been silenced by the telecommunications giant,
perhaps out of fear that the revelations will further increase
tensions between Telstra and the Government, which has excluded
Telstra from the bidding process to build a $10 billion-plus national
broadband network.

The satirical "Fake Stephen Conroy" profile, which has now been wiped, sparked almost as much discussion online as Senator Conroy himself. It primarily lampoons the Government's proposed mandatory internet filtering scheme.


Telstra man behind Fake Stephen Conroy

Asher Moses
March 17, 2009 - 2:33PM


The page had been removed or "wiped" as the Sydney Morning Herald told us about two hours ago. If it is back then it has been restored. I captured an image of the page saying it doesn't exist.

Ah, gotta love us some good old fashion censorship.

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