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Lots o' music

Renee Geyer has a unique voice. Or does she? If you were to ask me who was singing this, I might have said Tracy Chapman.

I've been acquiring a lot of music recently, largely thanks to the Frankston Library, but also TPN Rock and the Elefant Traks 10th birthday gig last week. Albums include:

  • She Will Have Her Way - The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn, as recorded by various AU and NZ female performers. Has some great sounds and arrangements, including Renee Geyer's version of Into Temptation.

  • Also from the Frankston Library: Two Shoes by The Cat Empire, a 1979 Sweeney Todd musical starring Angela Lansbury (I keep hearing Jessica Fletcher), The Platinum Collection by John Williamson (but the 3rd CD was scratched).

  • Before that batch, I had borrowed some Nigel Kennedy, some Prokofiev (without the most famous piece from his Romeo & Juliet score - WTF?), and the compilation from Andrew Denton's radio Music Challenge, including a disturbing version of I Touch Myself by Rolf Harris... Rolf and Scala (Belgian girls' choir) will have to battle it out for the title on the most inappropriate cover of that song.

  • Whoops, almost forgot Flying Colours by Bliss N Eso, plus Young Modern by Silverchair. I think I've remembered all the library visits now. About the same time, I bought Angles by Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip; I should write more about that at some point.

  • Nothing Left To Believe by Immune (awesome), Everyday Including by The Union Trade (downtempo indy rock, good for background listening), Labyrinth and Soundscapes by Saros (sounds like a film score), and The Once and Future Harp by Cheryl Ann Fulton (it seemed like a good idea at the time), all from Magnatune: I tried out a download membership for a month.

  • Threads by Hermitude and Melbourne Meets Kingston by Mista Savona, which I bought after hearing their excellent sets last Friday night at the Elefant Traks 10th birthday gig.

  • Hang Me Oh Hang Me and Winter Hours by The Deep Dark Woods - folky Canadian harmonies which I picked up after hearing their song "All the Money I Had Is Gone", bought from the excellent Canadian music store Zunior. Somehow the backing vocals on that track remind me of Crash Test Dummies...

That's a lot of music. And yet, I still don't know what to listen to!

ETA: I also forgot some other albums from Frankston Library: the Juno soundtrack, plus the Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets film score. Oh, and I downloaded The Slip by Nine Inch Nails.


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Get Blogalogued!

Since you blog about what you borrow from us, it might be fun if we blog about you on the Frankston Library Service's blog, the Blogalogue. Just ask for harps (aka Glenn)and we can arrange something of a fellow Frankstonian blogger's profile or something (like what we did for librytart). Call on 9784 1020, email on libraryenquiries@frankston.vic.gov.au or ask when your in.

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