Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Busy weekend: Meat, murder, vaginas and teddies

I keep posting in my mind, but I can't look back over these posts in years to come if they're not here as well.

Thursday: Lunch at Gopal's with Kalpna. Stayed up too late...

Friday: ...which put Friday off to a bad start. Lots of shopping and running around like a headless chook to get the monthly BBQ ready at work.

Then rushed off to see Crimes of the Heart at Mordialloc (who cleverly use the abbreviation MTC as often as possible). Keziah and Matt on stage. Rachel in the audience (her partner was another one of the leads). And I sat next to the VDL adjudicator, who is also directing Twelfth Night at Hartwell. It's a small, incestuous world...

Saturday: Helped Deborah move into Swinburne Student Village in Lilydale, before rushing off to the Blowing Whisltes audition.

Then off to The Vagina Monologues, a benefit performance at the National Theatre in St Kilda. 'Twas excellent. Alternately funny and saddening, which can be a bit jarring, but the monologues and the performances were spectacularly good.

Janeen and Louise on stage. Colin, Pat, Anne, Sally-Anne and Hector in the audience. Also saw Dominique (Connect Carnivore). Thanks to Spudbar for the free baked potato after the show.

Sunday: Frankston Toy Library's Teddy Bear Picnic with the kids. A bit too sunny, but fun. Then off to the library to return and borrow.

Being run down after such a busy weekend, no wonder I seem to have picked up a cold.
Tags: family, friends, sleep, theatre

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