Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

25 Things

Several people have been doing the 25 Things meme recently and some have tagged me. I don't do tagging (just join in if you want to), but I'd like to give this one a try.

  1. I don't floss my teeth and do a bad job of brushing. Next filling on Saturday!

  2. I have a bit of an obsession with both data storage and backup and think about it a bit too much. (eg., disks, etc.)

  3. I have physical media (eg. MiniDV and Hi-8 tapes) that I've neglected to back up, despite the previous point.

  4. I'm intrigued the tendency of humans to believe in a higher power. I'm very much in favour of a society that respects all beliefs, but I personally am totally devoid of any religion or spirituality.

  5. I honestly believe that the best possible thing that could ever happen is for all of existence to cease. But I'm not holding my breath on that one!

  6. I'm not suicidal, but I appreciate the option of suicide. It saddens me that it's so hard to die at will, and also that we generally have to stay alive for the sake of others. Although I don't like being trapped into living, I do think life is pretty cool.

  7. I'm sociable and happy to talk to people once I've met them, but I almost never introduce myself to people in public. I need an XKCD "Just Shy" t-shirt...

  8. I had no friends in Uni till I joined a project team in second semester. (Or was it second year?)

  9. I had no friends in Brisbane, and after 3 months, a school counsellor who saw me sitting alone every lunch time came and talked to me. That was just after I learnt the excellent news that we'd be moving home to Victoria.

  10. I don't want a sex change, but I reckon I'd make a good lesbian. I'm just not a big fan of masculinity.

  11. Related to the last point, I've always considered things like shaving an embarrassing yet necessary evil.

  12. I hate sport of all kinds, especially ball sports, and I have a total lack of interest in anything involving sport. Roy & HG, for example, are probably great to listen to, but I get put off because they keep talking about sport.

  13. I also have no interest in video and console games. A few minutes learning how a game works is okay, but after that all the fun's gone.

  14. I hate olives. I only know a few people who are indifferent about olives - most people love them or hate them.

  15. I would like to like coffee to drink socially, but it's still disgusting every time I try it.

  16. Causes. I get upset that so many people don't understand the importance of: open standards (particularly for the web), democracy, privacy, security and good copyright law.

  17. I live with climate change denialists, who could probably be swayed by evidence that there is change occurring, but not that it's worthwhile or possible to do anything about it, as if hypocrisy by a few is an excuse for inaction by many. But on the other hand, I also know that there's little point in making an effort when there's no regulatory framework to enforce it. Maybe that makes me a type of hypocrite too...

  18. I have a fungal infection on my face that I've been trying to get rid of for years. I'm now armed with a new arsenal of creams and if they fail, I go in for scientific research...

  19. I spent four weeks (and had two operations) in hospital when I was 19, due to bowel surgery. That, plus a family history of bowel cancer, makes colonoscopies worthwhile. (Apparently most people only have one - only the singular "colonoscopy" is in my spell-checker's dictionary.)

  20. I still wish I'd had the courage (and the confidence that it would have been allowed) to ask Heather out in Year 9.

  21. I once made earrings out of 2-cent coins and fishing gear, but correctly decided it would be too creepy to give them to anyone.

  22. Like Emmett, I'm enjoying divulging these tidbits, because I like being honest and open, yet I'm also self-conscious and wonder how some things will be received.

  23. Richard Pappas once called me a passive control freak (I was changing the music at a party to better suit the crowd) and I think that's a good description.

  24. Aside from that, I don't like to be out of control of myself; so I'm glad I can't get uncontrollably drunk.

  25. I'm proud about liking alcoholic drinks for the taste, rather than for getting drunk. I'm also proud that I've not had bad experiences with alcohol that have put me off a particular drink - they all rock!

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