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Which path is the better?
I'm doing something I loathe (using Outlook). I'm also playing calming music that I like to help me through the experience. However, I am worried. I worry that, like Pavlova Dogs, I may associate the nice music with the negative stimulus of Outlook induced nausea. As a result, I may start to twitch every time I hear a Loreena McKennitt track. What do I do?

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listen to nine inch nails. or generally angry music. because it then enables you to go "RAAAHHHH GET THIS F'IN MONKEY OFF MUH BACK!!!!" and you've got inspiring music to listen to, and yet be inspired/entertained/relaxed enough to do stuff. so your'e set.

well, that's what i'd do, anyway.

but then i like angry music.

ah, dang.

i shut up now.


Hey, I like Pavlova Dogs too; but I find they often lick the egg whites off before it sets right.

Or did you mean Pavlova's Dogs?

pavlova and dogs don't mix well. not exactly *ahem* finger lickin' good, let alone egg-white lickin'.

I meant Pavlov's dogs, but Pavlov is so close to Pavlova, that I prefer to talk about "Pavlova and his dogs" just to upset people. But yes, "Pavlova's Dogs" would have been sufficient - I didn't really need to warp it into the tastier yet grammatically poorer "Pavlova Dogs"...

Whoops. I just stood up and made myself look really stupid. Good thing that no one noticed.

oh, we noticed. we just thought it would be funny if we joined in.

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