Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Obligatory Bushfire Post

illustration of CFA volunteerNow is not a good time for news to happen. Anything that happens this week is going to be dwarfed by the extensive coverage of the bushfires. The Herald-Sun is sporting both wrap-around specials and several pages of coverage in the "normal" part of the paper. Almost as much in The Age.

I've been interested not just by the news coverage, but the media response and the advertising.

Media Response

Austereo have put their full focus onto it, with Pete & Myf staying on air longer yesterday running a big call-in, then today getting both MMM and Fox hosts into the studio for a combined breakfast show and radio appeal. The fundraising continued on MMM at 10am for an 8 hour radiothon across the nation. No doubt TV fundraisers will follow.


Companies are running ads that serve a dual purpose of helping communities and positioning their brands in a positive light. Insurance companies are offering their customers emergency accommodation and fast processing of claims. They know they have to pay out millions of dollars and have decided to make the most of it. Coles are donating all their profits from sales this Friday (13/Feb), so that'll be a good day to shop.


Thanks to Dad's Sydney colleague who's sending down extra supplies of tampons and pads to donate, and to his Rotary club, which is organising a fundraiser with the Collingwood Football Club this Sunday (and that's after raising $30,000 at this week's meeting). Here at work, AAPT is supporting the appeal being run by customer Bendigo Bank, pitching in $50,000 and encouraging staff contributions.

With about $1000 of expenses due this month, my contribution will have to wait for a bit, but I'm sure money will be needed for a while. Likewise with blood. Actually, it seems I only have to wait 24 hours after tomorrow's dental work, but it will be next month that they'll be needing more blood, with many victims requiring ongoing attention.


Lastly, of particular interest to me - photography. There have been some amazing photographs coming out of these devastated regions. Photos telling stories of loss and of human spirit, along with stunning images of trees in silhouette against a backdrop of flame, or firefighters in bright yellow working in a patch of charcoal devoid of all colour. From the stunning to the downright sad, it all helps bring the tragedy to the attention of people who can donate.

[CC-BY-NC-SA] The image used on this post is an illustration by Leon Rice.

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