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Queer Culture Conundrum
Do you (my valued reader) know much about queer culture? If so, maybe you can help me with some ideas... (Or you know, maybe you can't; but I'll ask anyway, coz I'm desperate.)

I'm a bit stuck. I want to audition for an excellent play that I think of as a relationship drama, but it's technically a comedy. And so, I need to turn up to the audition ready to perform a 3 min comedy piece - preferably with a gay theme. Even straight comedy monologues seem to be eluding me right now, so finding something with a queer vibe's even harder.

And it doesn't specifically have to be a monologue. I could potentially adapt something from a magazine column or essay, a short play, or a scene from TV/film.

Any pointers on good places to look? I do believe I owe drinks to anyone with a good suggestion...

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Are you familiar with the Canadian movie Love & Human Remains? Thomas Gibson's character in that might have enough talking to constitute a monologue (and the script IS full of delightfully funny lines). It's based on a play, actually, so there might even be a script floating around somewhere...

Stretching a bit here, but... maybe some of the Doug Anthony Allstars routines might offer something you could use?

OH! A Bit Of Fry And Laurie are sure to have something (though they're more likely to be dialogues, but maybe there's something). They did quite a lot of short, wordy skits like this.

Gotta run now, but if I think of anything, I'll try to remember! :)

You are awesome, thank you! Will do some investigating tonight.

Love & Human Remains sounds promising, but finding a copy seems to be a challenge (without buying and waiting for delivery). Must go check some video libraries.

I have been searching for an article Stephen Fry wrote years ago about playing Oscar Wilde but I can't find it, alas. OTOH - Stephen Fry is an excellent person to start with, anyway :)

Thank you! Though I haven't seen anything much from Stephen Fry, the thought had crossed my mind. I'll have a look for the article about Wilde as well.

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