Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Queer Culture Conundrum

Do you (my valued reader) know much about queer culture? If so, maybe you can help me with some ideas... (Or you know, maybe you can't; but I'll ask anyway, coz I'm desperate.)

I'm a bit stuck. I want to audition for an excellent play that I think of as a relationship drama, but it's technically a comedy. And so, I need to turn up to the audition ready to perform a 3 min comedy piece - preferably with a gay theme. Even straight comedy monologues seem to be eluding me right now, so finding something with a queer vibe's even harder.

And it doesn't specifically have to be a monologue. I could potentially adapt something from a magazine column or essay, a short play, or a scene from TV/film.

Any pointers on good places to look? I do believe I owe drinks to anyone with a good suggestion...
Tags: theatre

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