Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Happenings: Lunch, Adelaide, Vaginas, etc.

Thanks to willow_blossom and Mackenzie for having us over today for morning tea and lunch. 'Twas nice to catch up.

I've been a bad LJ citizen: barely reading and not posting. I don't think I even mentioned that I was going to Adelaide with the kids for a few days. I have, however, posted some photos to Flickr from the trip.

Basic itinery was this:

Thursday: Up at 4am for 7am flight, car hire, tram ride, Rundle Mall, North Adelaide playground, Harriett's Cottage (excellent), Hutt Street for dinner, Cold Rock dessert on Rundle with IanP.

Friday: Breakfast (yum French Toast) and shopping at Central Markets, visit to Glenelg (beach plus more tram), cooking dinner.

Saturday: Check out, Mount Lofty, Hahndorf, then on to Mount Barker to eat and stay with Uncle Jim.

Sunday: Port Adelaide (disappointing), Railway musuem (very good, but the statues scared Jess), North Adelaide Chinese for dinner (kids' request; they hated it), then flight home.

Theresa and Deborah also flew out Thursday - to the Gold Coast. They return late tomorrow night (tonight actually). Both my leave from work and holiday with the kids are running out way too quickly.

Unrelated note: Anyone want to see a benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues on 21/Feb at the National Theatre?

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