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Sleep, time, lack thereof, bad business practices
I can fucking never get to sleep early. And if you work for Nokia, right now would not be a good time to walk into my life, but you're welcome to email me a satisfying explanation as to why only a Nokia branded cable is allowed to work with Nokia PC Suite.

So, the photos are still stuck on Theresa's phone, I can't get them off, I didn't get to bed at 9pm, I didn't do any preparation for tomorrow, and I haven't yet got to send out an email about the play, but I really should, by which time, I'll no doubt be hungry again anyway, and will have to sit up for supper. If you don't like the length of that sentence, bite me.

And whilst I'm on a rant, what is it with people who are away during tech week? Not only tech week, but opening weekend? If you can't make it to either of the (ALL CAST!) rehearsals I'm at to take headshots, then you don't deserve your photo on the board.

This has got to be the first show I've seen in which four (yes, four) people will be away at some point during the play. I understand there have been wedding invitations, and it's a hard decision, but how the director has managed to stay calm and arrange replacements astounds me.

I love shooting RAW and it sucks. Too much backlog; ever dwindling disk space. Must clear up more before Adelaide.

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Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.....

Thank you, but... it's not helping. :-(

May be a bit late for helping, but have you tried bluetoothing the photos off to another phone? That might do the trick.

Or, if she's got a MicroSD in her phone, try taking it out and either putting it in another phone you CAN transfer stuff off or if you have a converter and a card reader, use them.

No Bluetooth and no MicroSD, sadly. A very basic Nokia 6020 that probably only has a camera becuase "everyone's doing it". Will either have to find some magical drivers, or a Nokia cable to borrow.

Or just know never to take pics on the damn thing again, and when the phone dies, lose the pics I did already take. C'est la vie. They probably weren't good quality anyway. :)

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