Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Policy woes

Tell me again why so many people associate with either the left wing or the right wing of politics? Where are the centrists?

Excellent quote seen in Crikey last week:

"To paraphrase Bill Bonner [who was talking about the US Republicans and Democrats], in economic terms, the Liberals tend to be a disaster by accident. Labor are a disaster by choice."

Putting aside specific policies for a moment (censorship and the poor design of a much needed ETS come to mind), please explain to me why such an immensely popular government is making policies that are so blatantly designed to protect votes? It's not election time!

Sadly, the majority of voters will vote based how they'll be affected personally, rather than on sound policy. But it's the responsibility of governments to balance interests and make good policy choices. Right now, the ALP has enough support to carry them through another election, so now is the time to focus on policy. They should also realise that many voters will respect politicians who stick to their guns. It certainly worked for John Howard for a long time, even though his policies went off the rails in later terms.

With the state of policy in Australia (and elsewhere), I wouldn't be surprised if Don Chipp is permanently on a rotisserie...
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