Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Stuck in the middle with few

I'm quite impressed by that title. How sad.

I'm not cut out to negotiate, so it's rather inappropriate for me to be the main point of contact between Hartwell and the school.

So many issues to sort out. So much negativity on both sides (much of it legitimate). And so little skill and inclination from me to sort through it all.

I'm not totally the wrong person: I'm at least diplomatic and willing to look at all viewpoints. But when I get a call from the ever resilient and resourceful director and I can hear the frustration and despair in her voice and I have nothing to offer her, it's very easy to question why the hell I'm here.

Today's issue: Cleaners turning up to steam-clean the foyer.
Kate's perspective: The school's not including our dates on the calendar.
The full story (after investigation): I looked at the school calendar and drafted a rehearsal schedule for both the school and Kate, and it didn't include today, because there was already a booking in the calendar. Only, there's not actually a booking: it was for Sat only (stupid single weekend column calendar). So we're not booked in, but Kate's revised rehearsal schedule (which I haven't received) includes a vital rehearsal today. Now she has probably sent the cleaners away and I would not be at all surprised if we have to pay the hire costs of the steam-cleaner.
Tags: hartwell, theatre

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