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People are putting up Christmas decorations...

Lisa and Luke have really nice, elegant coloured balls over their desks. If there's any contest for best decorations, they get my vote: it's tasteful, aesthetically pleasing and one could argue that it fits the company's "bold simplicity" focus.

But now I'm surrounded by thick ropes of tinsel and lit-up plastic Santas and candy canes, which fortunately aren't flashing.

I'm not hemmed in, though. I half expected someone to enlist my help, or insist that tinsel be draped behind my monitor and wound around the CAT-5 pole like the Martians' red weed, only multicoloured, with glinting strands flickering in the soft aircon breeze...

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That reminds me, I must hoist the tree at home!

you can borrow my star lantern if you want to go gaudy. Its nice and all, but is kinda on the flashy side of things.

Thanks, but I think I'll pass... ;-)

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