Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Dream: scrap metal

In a dream this morning, we (whoever that may be) were involved in some sort of dodgy operation, collecting and recycling the metal components of things that normally can't be recycled. There were bodies involved at some point, one in the bathroom at the motel and we had to make sure an unexpected visitor didn't find out.

In such a business, one has enemies. Enemies with massive trucks. I woke up to discover that the house was moving, getting closer to the bungalow. Soon the bungalow would be crushed as we continued moving down the yard. Once I realised what was happening, I went to the front room and discovered that a massive truck was pushing the house along.

I realised that it was odd that our concrete housed moved in one piece, as you'd expect it to crumble. It was all a bit much, so I decided to wake up for real...
Tags: dream

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