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Spawning again...
I don't know about dates and calculations, but there are definite indications that we are in the second trimester now. People who have been through a pregnancy may know what I'm talking about here...

Oh, for those who haven't yet heard, we're having another child. :-) Due late August. 8-) Yay!

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Much happiness. It is good to see smart people adding to the gene pool; but that rant for another time.

Theresa's brother had his 40th birthday party last Saturday and as a theme, asked people to wear a t-shirt with a slogan. Theresa printed "the gene pool could use a little chlorine".

...i'm not picking up any more of your work cause you've had a sleepless night, you ;P

but congrats.

though i have said this already to your face.

but i'll say it again anyway.

cause i repeat myself.

i have a stutter, if you will.


i shut up now.

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