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Yet another flight change...
Thu 15JAN09
Flight TR522 from Melbourne to Adelaide now departs at 0725 and arrives at 0815

Stop fucking us around! I don't wanna be up at 4 in the morning with kids...

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Don't fret - they have two months for more changes, so perhaps your flight will end up at a more useful time, say 11am.

I did think of that, but I investigated to find out why the changes are being made. It seems they're cancelling flights and moving passengers to different flights. There are now only two flights on that day (early morning and late evening).

Surely it would be better to do the reverse: start with only 2-3 flights, then schedule more if they have to meet higher demand.

Can you ask Deborah to check and see if your flights have changed too? There's also a handy tool on the website to get flight details, so that we can check closer to the time without having to rely on email records.

Yup, changed for us too. 6pm or thereabouts, so I think an hour earlier.

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