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The Rachael Files?
I recall seeing a movie when I was young - probably only the end of the movie, actually - called The Rachael File(s). Actually, I have no idea what it was called and I can't find it on IMDB, but that's what I remember it as.

Young guy has a relationship with Rachael (or whoever it was) and, being a computer nerd, kept a file/dossier about it on his computer.

In the final scene, she turns up on his door, sizes up the situation and seductively says: "you smell of sex; it streams from every pore". She pushes past him, goes upstairs and finds the other woman he's been with. I think he tried to grovel or apologise, but it was too late.

Then he deleted the eponymous file he had kept on her.

I know it was some sort of closure or recognition of what he'd done, but I remember thinking "why would you do that?".

I guess that's an early sign of my keep-everything approach to data. You may have lost her, but you never know when you might want to revisit the digital remnants of the woman you love.


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