Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

No more election campaign

Congratulations to the Americans on my Flickr friends list, all of whom appear to be Obama supporters and very happy right now. Perhaps there are a few Republicans as well who aren't celebrating.

Ballot secrecy is a key component of democracy and I find it interesting how many people wear their vote with pride and admit their allegiances. I guess it's a reflection of how America is feeling and how much restorative work needs to be done.

Matt commented today that Obama is an excellent public speaker and I couldn't agree more. The "yes we can" mantra got a bit annoying after a while, but that was perhaps the most well delivered and engaging 18 minute speech I've ever seen. No doubt he had been preparing the speech for weeks, but he wasn't reading or stumbling, so he must have the ability to speak off the cuff, effectively, convincingly and fluidly.

The swing is so great that he has a lot of power - hopefully he'll use it wisely. More importantly, I hope he brings about plenty of good change to social policy, such that the world is in a better place by the time the balance of power evens out again at a future election.
Tags: politics

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