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Dream: Presidential bungalow
In this morning's dream, the two hottest couples in the world were staying in our bungalow. News hot, not body hot.

Barack and Michelle Obama, plus John and Cindy McCain, had some sort of casual get together out the back. Not sure why: there were no cameras, so it wasn't about showing the world their human sides and how they can put polotics aside and get along, although that's what they did. In fact, to get along, they probably had to put aside their political differences and talk about mundane things.

The bathroom wasn't there on this occasion: walking through took me to a dining/lounge room, where I believe they all played Scrabble around the table.

When I returned later, it was now a bedroom and they were all chatting before bed. Still getting along, but I don't know how much of it was forced. As Barack Obama put on his pyjama pants (over surprisingly not-very-black skin) I did notice something like a grimace from John McCain in reaction to his non-white foe.

As I said, this room was where the bathroom is, so there were actually two bedrooms in the bungalow, giving each couple a room.

I went back inside the main house, but doubled back. I figured it would be a good idea to lock the bungalow for security purposes. I also figured it would be best not to post to LiveJournal about our high-profile dinner guests.

It occured to me then that presidents - and probably presedential candidates too - tend to have security people around them. Sure enough, as I looked over to the car park area next door, a bunch of people in black clothing noticed me notice them and retreated, as if they'd rather die than be discovered.

I soon noticed anomalies, however. Something wasn't right. One man was holding an infant in his arms - noticeable against his black clothing. At sight of me, he run off, but came back through the house via the front door. I was still at the back door, so he stopped dead in the doorway. He was from Wonthaggi, and despite his dark hair, his appearance and cloak reminded me of Lucius Malfoy, and his behaviour of Xenophilius Lovegood.

In an effort to explain, he started rambling about how they (McCain and Obama) have [insert high number] percent of the [something related to mental capacity, opportunity, wealth - can't remember] and all he wants is to get his 5% back.

Wake up time.

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Most recent dream I can remember from the last week is me trying to pick up Rodney McKay..... go figure on that one!!

Not being a Stargate viewer, I have no idea who you're talking about, but yes, go figure. :-)

Well Rodney is the uber geeky, nerdy, annoying, paranoid, allergic, hypercondriac character....

But obviously kinda cute to me in some way. Actually, knowing what I like in guys I can actually understand the attraction, partly.

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