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XKCD: Demand DRM-free music
Comic explaining that you're a pirate either way, whether you download illegally, or try to circumvent DRM.

As a fan of the second option (demanding DRM-free files rather than finding illegal copies), I'd add that even if you do download illegally, you should still put pressure on artists, labels and distributors to sell DRM-free files. Yes, if they're stupid enough to use DRM, they don't deserve the sale, but sometimes it takes pressure for them to realise how stupid they are.

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This is why I use EMusic :)

eMusic is good, but subscriptions don't really work for me. Sometimes there's nothing I want to buy and on eMusic I felt like I had to regulate my behavior: using up credits before they expired, or waiting till there were more credits before I could get something.

All I want is to be able to go to the website of any artist or label, click Buy, then start downloading. Evidentally that's too much to ask. I wish Amazon MP3 would launch here.

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