Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Smartphones starting to live up to their name?

At this stage, I'm not on a 3G network, so I'm not in the market for a smartphone. And even if I had 3G, I wouldn't want to pay the exorbitant data fees.

But I'm pleased to see so much progress in the mobile space. The Apple iPhone is not quite what I want, but it has spurred some good competition, with Nokia and RIM releasing touch screen models, and Google Android making progress.

Who knows? Maybe in a few years I'll finally see a phone that:
- Has a good design (both hardware and software)
- Runs Opera
- Syncs well with the computer
- Is open and extensible
- Is supported by a vibrant developer community, so that I can find the apps I want. (Initially that means equivalents of Sunrise Desktop + Plckr, as well as something like Secret! or Little Secrets).

It's just a shame that not much has been heard from Palm in all of this. I love PalmOS and would love not having to switch, but with their focus on Windows Mobile, it seems to have stagnated somewhat. :-(
Tags: tech

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