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Just The Other Day
In other news, I bought the original version of Just The Other Day, from Jr. Gone Wild's Pull The Goalie album. Amazing how much you get used to the first version you hear. Still good, though.

Experience was nil and I see her still
In the bars and the libraries and the wars and bowls of cherries
And the poetry of ages and the rosemaries and the sages
And the wheat and wind and dirges, through the prairies and the urges
And the clumsiness of youth and the wisdom of the truth
And so I lost her in Alberta and since then I never heard of
Her vision or her light or her blindness or her night
Me I'm parallel with danger now that she's become a stranger
I gotta laugh when it hits the surface... thank God the past can't find a purchase....
I don't think it's contradictory. For one thing, much of the song is poetic rather than literal. Furthermore, I don't think he's physically seeing her at all, but remembering her everywhere he looks: places they'd been, things they'd done, and other things that remind him of her or of his youth.

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I'd be a bit worried of it was literal and he was seeing her in bowls of cherries....

But what if the bowl has a mirrored surface and she's standing over his shoulder?

Now you're just being pedantic... you remind me of myself!

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