Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Still here. Still had it.

Since I've been thinking about posting for a few days, perhaps I should recap on the things I was planning to post.

Last Thursday:

I met Mace for wine tasting and dinner after work. It was fun, as I got to play host and introduce him to Get Wines Direct and Maedaya Sake & Grill. He had such a good night that I had a good night too. Great food and good company. We spoke for a bit and it was nice to catch up properly. Found out more about his Tiger Airways application, plus the jealous misunderstanding of the husband of a friend.

He also spoke about his friend whom he frequently tries to match-make, though it always ends in failure. Mace admitted - a couple years on - that a woman he was introducing to this friend later said "no, not so much; but Nathan however..." Which would have been one of those "yeah, still got it" moments had I believed that I ever actually had it in the first place.

Last Saturday:

Took the kids to a 4th birthday party at McDonalds. They had fun, and I got to be the photographer, so spent part of the night getting photos ready for the parents.

Last Sunday:

Busy day (almost as busy as yesterday). Great Shakespeare workshop in the morning, followed by a rush print job, audition preparation, and a photoshoot for the Julius Caesar headshots. More processing.

And maybe soon I'll get to this weekend. But for now, a renewed attempt at sleep. Royal Melbourne Show tomorrow.

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