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Here we go again...
I hate that I have to re-download all my email (about 300Mb) every time my mail server's SSL certificate changes. It changes every year when the old one expires. And today we've moved to a different server, which means going through it all again. Grrr.

No wonder most people just retrieve their email in cleartext.
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ianp says, perhaps we should get a cheap ssl cert?

Nah, it's not really needed, as I'm the only one on my domain insisting on SSL. And I'd still have to download mail again every year when the certificate is renewed.

The problem is with the way Apple Mail.app works. If I change the server name in Opera, or if the certificate is renewed, Opera copes with the change just fine. But Mail.app seems to think: "Hey, that's not the server I was talking to before. I must dump all that old mail and get what's on this new server."

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