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Huh? Pineapple not sweet enough?
Deborah bought pineapple juice with "50% less sugar". Sure enough, it's sweetened with 950 and 955. WTF? Pineapple is already sweet. I people don't want added sugar, sell them unsweetened juice. I guess it can be a bit tart, but I wouldn't have thought pineapple tart enough to require sweetners.

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Clearly we're becoming america where EVERYTHING has to be half sugar.

But half sugar is so lame! It's the worst of both worlds...

It has to be an idea concocted by people who like artificial sweetner and think that no one will notice that it's artificial if they mask it with a half dose of sugar. It's like the smoker who waves cigarette smoke out her car window so that her passengers won't have to smell it.

I'm all for less sugar, but not if it's been replaced by something with a gross aftertaste.

Grr, why can't I stay logged in 'round here!

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