Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

"Mark your calendars..." No, YOU mark my calendar.

Outlook 2003 has its flaws, but it's reasonably good for scheduling appointments and sending meeting requests, especially for people on the same system.

So, if we have the technology, why won't people use it? I mean, people do for most normal meetings. But as soon as it comes to staff-wide things - nuh. Barbecues, blood donations, roadshows by the exec team... Surely the key to getting people to attend is making sure they don't forget it. And the key to helping people remember is sending your message as a meeting request instead of a regular email.

Hmm... Just thought of something. They're not going to want dozens of people sending meeting acceptances, are they? What I never asked Cathy before she left was how she managed to send meeting requests that would simply sit in the calendar upon acceptance, not pop up a dialog offering to send a confirmation. So, it can be done, but I can't figure out how.
Tags: gripe, software, work

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