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One of my favourite quotes
The email I have been receiving recently has been reminding me of one of my favourite quotes (original source unknown):

"Posting at the top of the text because that's where your cursor happens to be when you hit 'reply' is like shitting your pants because that's where your ass happens to be when you have to go."

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I post at the top of emails because I like what I write to be an entity in itself. I feel that I can phrase things well enough to be clear in what I say with a reference by quoting the original below.

People don't format indented text correctly, and after a couple of people have forwarded it on, it becomes impossible to tell who wrote wheat, especially with line wrapping and different email programs doing different things.

What I write is mine, and therefore should be seperate to what someone else writes. I will sometimes put in line text with only one or two people in the email swapping, but I am always careful about my formatting and making it clear who said what; which is actually harder than being clear yourself in seperate text.

I hate how email is trying to teach people how not to be clear. We are forgetting how to communicate properly. I hate how people now consider "Me too" to be a valid email.

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