Nathan (gemsling) wrote,


Who'd want to live forever? Still, I do enjoy a good musical, so off we went to the Frankston Arts Centre to see Fame, put on by Panorama Youth Theatre. Set design was simple and effective, with the orchestra hidden behind part of it (but visible through a screen). Costuming was good - a range of normal clothes, but colour coded for different scenes.

It got Deborah interested in returning to the stage. She seems to be most interested in musicals. I don't blame her, but signing is not my strength, so I think I'll stick to straight theatre.

The Taming of the Shrew is going well and Hartwell Players certainly know how to party. The final night cast party is to be at Pat Alcock's and she has said that I'm welcome to stay the night, saving a taxi ride to Frankston.

They also know how to drink red wine. Many casks and bottles have "evaporated" over the past two weeks. We have also feasted on cheese, biscuits, smoked oysters and more...

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